Cerro Chepen
The fortress of Cerro Chepen sprawls across a 1,500-foot-high mountain above the town of Chepen. Girded by massive stone ramparts 12 feet wide at the base and rising as high as 27 feet, the structure is a thousand years older than Machu Picchu, the Inca ruins near Cuzco in southern Peru. The Moche fortress contains the ruins of what may be a palace, at center, and other buildings with hundreds of rooms. Cerro Chepen has aroused the curiosity and it is marveled at the effort demanded to build Its buildings show a capacity for a garrison of about 5,000.

Since there is no water at the site, porters would have had to climb the steep hillside carrying heavy jugs of water, as well for the work force. The people in the surrounding valley must have been rich indeed, with a surplus of food and labor, to have built such a fortress. Commanding a view that stretched for miles to the north and south as well as from the Andes to the sea, the fortress enabled lookouts to spot anyone approaching. Cerro Chepen may have been the main station in a chain of lookout posts on the mountains along the northern coast.

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