Realm of the Maya


The first great Maya City
Cerro Chepen
Tigre Pyramid
Rio Azul
Enduring Echoes of the Past
Iconography of the Moche
Lord of the Sipan
Machu Picchu
Chichen Itza
Mayan Prophecies and Calendar

Never a single empire, the Maya raised dozens of great centers in present-day Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras,Peru and E1 Salvador. Spreading across some 100,000 square miles, the Maya lowlands flourished during the Late Classic period, A.D. 600-900.. The cities were supplied by farmers practicing complex agricultural techniques and by extensive trade networks. Goods were transported by canoe and by bearers on packed-dirt paths or sometimes on raised roads. Total population may have numbered 12 to 16 million. Major cities held sway over neighbors with whom they shared architecture and ceramic styles. The regional boundaries are based on the estimates of city size and influence. Corridors with no dense settlement fall between assumed boundaries, line buffer zones.
  Where has all this gone? Is our human greed and the inherent need to have power and rule, destroyed the knowledge that was accumulate over thousands of years. Grave robbers and description of the all the records leave us totally guessing. Will we also destroy ourselves ? Will the future generations refer to us as the Realm of the 21st century,and archeologist look for all the discoveries of today and guess the very essence of our life. Can we get over the greed and avarice and learn from these ancient civilizations?

The first great Maya City


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