What was it about Jesus?



What was it about this man, a carpenter by profession, not of any social importance, not even particularly good looking ,( Isaiah 53).. and yet all he had to do was call and people simply dropped whatever they were doing to walk away with him . This same Jesus who was killed in the most cruel manner, discarded with no regard by his contemporaries and who willingly walked to his own death carrying his cross is the most acknowledged personalities today. Those who make no claims to his heritage still confess to his having mark this planet with his presence. Very little is recorded about him in The Bible, and very little was said by him in the three and a half years. Yet, what he has preached is profound. He died at the age of thirty three and a half years, when he was into his manhood. When a man is at his best in health and vigor making the sacrifice he made of his life, the perfect sacrifice.



The Person Jesus:


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