Legends of the Goddess

Feminine energies over the centuries, has been on the decline. Since the last 10000 years this has been attributed to male domination of human society. This was more because survival needed physical strength. The man had to hunt, protect his home and family from the vagaries of survival. The woman took the role of homemaker, tending to the family. Perhaps a subservient role? With the advent of modern amenities, the woman is now acceptable as a breadwinner and her role is more prominent in the integral part of society.

But what are feminine energies? Are they more connected to the Divine? The role of Shakti is the action itself. Without the effervescent, loving and caring actions Shiva would not have the marriage or the fusing of spirit and spirit. The final process of merging with the Divine.

All through history there have been legends and stories of the Goddess, as a Divine Mother, as a loving consort, as the reason for Creation itself. I was intrigued with legends and folklores that gave humanity the vision to take the loving actions, faithful to Spirit, devoted to the progress of Spirit.
In the end Supreme. From ancient times we sing these stories and take a leaf from them . ...........Shana



The Sun's goddess -Saranya



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