The Sun's goddess -Saranya

Saranya was the daughter of Vishvakarma, the celestial artisan. She was given in marriage to the sun-god, Surya. The sun-god's glare hurt her eyes. Leaving her shadow behind, she ran out of her husband's house. In the days that followed, Surya realized that the woman in his house was not his wife but her shadow. He traced the real Saranya to the house of Vishvakarma. Wanting her, he went to fetch her, but she ran away from him.

The sun god asked."What do I do now?" "Reduce your glare," advised his father-in-law who took a chisel and snipped off an eighth of the sun's rays. With his radiance thus reduced, Surya set out in search of his wife.

Surya found Saranya on earth; she had turned herself into a beautiful mare. Surya approached her in the form of a magnificent stallion and declared his love for her. Saranya, who could now look upon her radiant husband without the his glare hurting her eyes, accepted her husband and bore him two sons: the twin Ashwins, the two celestial stars .


Svaha, Consort of the fire-god, Agni

Agni, the fire god secretly desired the seven wives of the seven celestial sages, the sapta rishis residing in the Great Bear constellation. But fear of the sages kept him in check. The goddess Svaha could sense the cause of Agni's unhappiness and satisfied his desire by approaching him seven times, each time disguised as one of the seven desired women.

Agni, blinded by passion, failed to recognise the impostor. But when the truth became known, he saluted Svaha, "Thanks to you, I have quenched my thirst without breaking the sacred laws of marriage and without incurring the wrath of the sapta rishis." Agni accepted Svaha as his consort and declared that he would not accept any oblation unless her name was chanted during the offering. During a yagna ceremony, the priests says, "Svaha," every time he pours milk or butter into the fire. The child born of Agni's union with Svaha was named Agneya; he was a divine warrior with the strength of seven men.

The Moon's love for Rohini

Chandra, the moon god, married twenty seven star goddesses. They were the daughters of the priest king Daksha. But Chandra loved only one, Rohini. The angered father Daksha ordered Chandra to spend one night with each of his wives.

Chandra displayed his full beauty of the full moon on the nights he was with Rohini. His lustre waned as he had to leave her side and waxed as he approached her, twenty seven days later. On the new moon night that Chandra was all alone, with no wife by his side, he did not shine at all .



Radha - the beloved of Krishna



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