The time for Stasis

Surrender, Death and Transformation.
Reincarnation in the same life time.

A time for awakening. In the abstinence, the quietude is the time for metamorphosis.
Each year one has the opportunity to go into the cocoon and awaken the Kundalini,
the serpent power of energy which is from the core of the Earth to the
celestial identity point above your head. The Hara Line.

A cocoon forms in the auric field and the vertical power current at the spine, the Hara line dissolves and re-establishes itself with a new task for the new incarnation in this life. The points along the Hara line change when the Hara line is changing. There are some physical problems. The Ball of Life, your Core star, in you wobbles and dissolves and the physical body goes into chaos. The physical symptoms may be many.

It is a time for deep personal change. It is a time of not knowing, a time of deep contemplation and waiting. Sometimes it is like a black void which is teeming with unmanifested life. It is time of surrender to the great powers that work within you. Feel the power of your own "Divine Grace". The power of Light. It is the grace that will bring the next stage . A difficult time for the personality but rewarding for the growth, love and compassion.

To Wait in Stasis.

A time to be grateful for, to give your thanks.
A time of inversion and outward expansion. The time for forgiveness for all that remains to be forgiven.
To be able to understand the changes within.Surrendering in full Faith even if
nothing is understood. Understanding would come. Allowing healing to be affected.

A time "to be" and a time "to do".
You would be accorded you Choice.


A time of birth and renewal. Birth comes from darkness. The womb grows full in darkness. Being born again to a fullness of a new form. A new generation arises and blesses the earth. One's task DID NOT come from pain it came from a desire to Create. It came from the flow of love out the center of our being. Let the essence shine forth through in all levels of one's being.

First there is the empty void or darkness within. A point of stasis. Then comes the expansion, the essence of who you are expresses itself through the haric or intention level, the personality and then into the physical. In the next phase of stasis we observe ourselves. The creative pulse inverses into you. The state of stasis deep within our core. As the creative force jumps down through each dimension, each phase brings our learning with it. The learning moves into feelings and thoughts, into pure ideas, into the world of intentionality deep into our essence. Our final creation is in the essence of our core.

We are surrounded and inter-penetrated by a pulsating universal wave of creation.
We are it, of it, it is us. It flows through us and we flow through it.
There is no end, no beginning. We create it as it creates us.

ere is no initiator. Only the creative wave of life that is constantly unfolding and enfolding. Unfolding it creates and enfolding it dissolves. Complete order, order within chaos, cycles within cycles. Allow time of stasis between enfolding and unfolding. To find the next sacred space within oneself.

In the phase of expansion a great energy moves within, bringing light to all the dark areas. Gently, one experiences the energy consciousness of enlightenment. We avoid creating because we do not know how to complete the creative process by going into stasis to bring back what we have created to honor ourselves. To look into the reflective mirror of manifestation, to recognize the individual "Divine" within us.

Mystical vision, enlightenment and prophethood are
in tune with the spiritual realities of the Universe.
Higher Consciousness is a natural state in human beings.

The metmorphisis is this mystical state a new element dominates the whole scene. Awareness
and the world of matter fuse into one. A tremendous Consciousness which now permeates and encompasses all. This is impossible to describe. As the Vision unfolds itself, the whole
universe seems to melt in the Splendor of the One present everywhere.


Children of Light


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