The Secrets of Zorastrianism

The nature of God was radically altered in the exile.
The nature of what one worships is more
important than the exclusivity of what one worships.
The nature of God can also determine how many one worships,
for example a universal God determines that you only worship one. Notice
that a tribal god, of necessity, implies polytheism since there are other tribes

There was one Supreme Being, Ahura Mazda, who was the Lord of the wisdom. He discouraged the worship of idols and venerated Ahura Mazda as the one, Uncreated God, existing eternally and who was the Creator of all that is good. In his Gatha, Zarathushtra thought many ethical and normal principles of good thoughts, good words and good Deeds.

These were the ultimate weapon that could defeat evil. He taught that purity in life, which he called righteousness, was of the greatest importance for man.The symbol of fire was to teach the people about purity. Hisfollowers have often been known as fire worshippers, but that is a misnomer. Zarathushtra worshiped fire as the symbol of purity and divine light of Ahura Mazda

Righteousness is laid down for this, my religion O Ahura Mazda. ......
I choose the chieftainship of good thoughts.

Zarathushtra, taught that there are two opposing principles that are in constant conflict in
the physical world. The total Good, joyousness which was life enhancing, this came from
the supreme being Ahura Mazda.The other opposite is negative,
destructive and life negating. A world of duality.

He taught ď The concept of the good Mind ĎVohu Man in Avestan" -

"Human beings are all members of one body.
They are created from the same essence.
When one member is in pain,
The others cannot rest.
If you do not care about the pain of others,
You do not deserve to be called a human being."

It is only thought that makes the good mind said Zarathushtra. That man can understandand acknowledge God and his goodness and perfection. And it is in thought the good Mind,that man can understand the reality of a spiritual dimension.Manís responsibility towards the other creation of Ahura Mazda, which is the sky, water, earth, plants, animals and fire. If man failed in his duty towards the other creations, he warned in the physical world of this imbalance. If not corrected in time,would put the entire creation (including man himself) in danger.

Finally, Zarathushtra saw man as godís finest creation and an ally to him. According is his teachings man shared with the holy beings, the common purpose of over coming negativity (evil) and restoring the creation to its original perfect condition. It is only when man consciously rejects evil (in thoughts, words and deeds) that all the negative energy will be muted in to the positive energies of light and love. Zarathushtra was a man beyond his time. His teachings hold true and are relevant even today, nearly 4000 years after he gave man a kind and ethical spiritual blue-print on how to bringhappiness and perfection into the world.

Myth and Relogion, Spenta Mainyu


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