The Prophet Zarathushtra.


One of the earliest prophets on this earth was Zarathushtra Spitaman in order to appreciate Zarathushtra’s greatness; we have to understand the times and conditions when Zarathushtra lived. It is believed that Zarathushtra lived approximately 3500-4000 years ago( i.e. 1500-2000 B.C.) Those were turbulent times and life was externally primitive and rough.Yet Zarathushtra has given us the principal of religions that are true and relevant even in the 21st century.

Zarathushtra was born into the Spitaman family and his birthplace is believed to be some where near the Aral Sea. According to ancient tradition, when Zarathushtra was twenty years of ago, he left his parents home in a search for truth. He spent many years wandering in his quest for truth. He was thirty years old when revelation finally came to him. He saw the Supreme Being in a vision and felt the presence a number of times calling him to his service, which he gladly obeyed.


Zoroaster was a hermit. At forty years of age he came down from his mountain in northeast Iran to preach a new religion. Zoroaster had been visited by the god Ahura-Mazda who proclaimed that he was the only God in the universe. Unlike most gods, Ahura Mazda was all good, all knowing and all powerful as well as being invisible. In fact, he was so perfect that he needed mediators like angels between himself and the world.

Ahura-Mazda struggled against "The Lie" which was not just words but actions represented by Ahriman and his devils. Zoroaster taught that when people died they crossed the Shivat bridge, a sifting bridge in which the bad people fell off into hell and where the good people crossed to find a golden maiden who lead them into the light of heaven where their primary purpose was singing. In contrast the Jews believed in Sheol, a pit beneath the earth where people went when they died.The major myth of the Zoroastrians was that a virgin would bear the Saoshant, a man who would save the world. A book of judgment recorded the acts of people on earth, who after a millennium would face judgment day and be resurrected to an earthly paradise.The Last Judgment, rewards and punishments, etc., within which immortality is achieved, is manifestly Zoroastrian in origin and inspiration."

The Secrets of Zorastrianism


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