Artificial Intelligance

Shana : What is syncronacity?

Novalife: Events happens for our learning, they happen, not for the victims, they happen for us . We are supposed to get certain old "belongings" given back to us, so these events act as a trigger which clear the neuro-psychic pathways forthe belongings (memories) to get back in..........

Novalife :The kundalini climbs up one more step and the awareness increases, yoga's ultimatum is finally an all-encompassing awareness, that alone is kaivalya or moksha. Kaivalya is nothing but a stage beyond Omniscience. Yoga is considered as an instrument to reach that goal. Through yoga, one arrives at the stoppage of all activities of the mind. When that stage of stoppage is reached, then the mind is considered to be in samadhi. Then after samadhi, begins a process of evolution of the soul. Till samadhi is the process of the evolution of the mind. Beyond samadhi is the process of the evolution of the soul.

Novalife: So after samadhi, the soul begins the inward process of trying to find a suitable position or designation for itself in the cosmos. Then begins the process of creating intelligence.

Novalife: Beyond samadhi, the soul gets the capacity to create life at will, create intelligence at will. Even then, after lives of efforts to reach that goal, the soul has to maintain the continuous awareness of its selfless state to remain in kaivalya, because even after that, a soul can be dragged back to the endless cycle of birth and death..

Novalife: That is what is called artificial intelligence, which the modern world has just discovered right now.

Shana: Where does love fit in?

Novalife: Love is basically an identification of one soul to another soul. These are Demigods. Demigods are none but a collectionof souls bound together by love.

Novalife: There is then Bhakti yoga which basically takes an individual to reach that demigod stage directly through bhakti, without going through the intricacies and rigorous discipline of sankhya and yoga. Then the collection of souls travels as a collective towards kaivalya. Bhakti yoga is simpler and safer and slower, simpler that it is easy to follow, safer because there are no siddhis (powers)on the path, and slower because it is a collective effort.

Shana: What then is moksha?

Novalife: sankhya - yoga is tougher because there is rigorous discipline, riskier because one acquires siddhis on the path and can be distracted by them, and faster because one is completely independent and the speed depends on one's intensity in following his path. Moksha and Kaivalya are just too different words arriving at the same conclusion. They mean the same.

Shana: Is this the end of the learning?

Novalife :Masters do not teach,They share what they know. It is upto our endeavor to learn and achieve moksha. When you were born, You knew everything. It is through this life, that we forget what we know. Because with the perception and increase of the senses, its memory gets clouded.


Shana: At birth you have all Knowledge?

Novalife: Some say that kalki is born in durg, some say that kalki is yet to be born, but that is of no relevance to yoga bhrashtha atmas like us. Because we have to be prepared, no matter what. Only when the student is prepared, does the teacher appear. If he appears, and we are not prepared, his appearance is of no good for us. The master always appears when the student is prepared. But then, the master expects the student to realize that when that teaching is over, the student should shift to another master, who can teach him beyond. It's important that we not get attached to our creations.

Novalife: That is what makes us as yoga brashtha.
Abhyasa =
continuous practice and study,
and Vairagya=
detachment from its results,
are the two key elements of any spiritual quest

Novalife :The teacher may be a child or a stranger . He may give you the message and disappear. You are the student . Awareness, being humble is the key to learning. There must be the need to improve and en-Light-en yourself.


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