In July, I had a Shiva Rudri Pujan (prayer). The prayers were held in a old Shiva temple that dates back to the time of Rama coming to the shores of modern day Mumbai on his way to southern Bharata (India). During the prayers the priest chanted many a Sanskrit Shlokas. Some I could understand but many went above my head. Although there were powerful energies around, there was burning need to understand what was being invoked with the Mantras, drawn as Yantras, and prayed for. To make it still confusing I was made to say these Mantras in a manner, layed down in the scriptures, with my counting and bowing to the Shiva Lingum.

"What Did It Mean? I was determined to understand. "What was the meaning of Sri Chakra?" From July to now I met with many scholars. Dr Madhu Khanna is an exponent on the Sri Chakra, gave me an explantion. Here are some of the meanings I understood. It was the tip of the Iceberg, I was somewhat pleased, as, at the very least I had found the iceberg. The ocean has many such icebergs floating around and it could have been a wild goose chase and it could have been a reconite mission.

In January I visited in the north a old Devi Amba temple. It goes to the inception of time when Amba manifested on earth. Amba is in the pantheon of Goddesses Shiva's Shakti, the ultimate Goddess. With Her blessings one can ascend spiritually. I had decided to give as an offering a old coin that I had with me. Much to my chagrin the coin was not accepted by the old priest. He blessed it and gave it back to me and asked me to keep it safely as it was now given to me by Amba herself. I had thought the coin had a OM inscribed on it but much to my surprise it had a beautiful Sri Chakra
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