Shri Shri Mrityunjaya

Mrityunjaya is Shiva as Conqueror of Death and his yantra, shows him with his Shakti surrounded by his attendants. The weapons he holds in his hands are on the inside of the bhupura together with the names of eight of the Dikpalas Guardians of the Directions. On the eight petals of the lotus are the eight Bhairavas, also mentioned in the Patala section of the Mahamrityunjaya Panchanga. His mantra is om jum sah, the letters of which are scattered around the petals of the yantra.

At the end of the Patala are given the satkarma, or six magical actions.
The tantra warns that unless a seeker is already siddha in a mantra and
performs daily puja, these acts bring ruin.

The unfolding of the Mantra is , giving the fruit of initiation, heavanly,
bestowing happiness, objects aimed for, success.

This mantra is the wish fulfilling of the Lord of Initiation.

Om Jum Sah Ham Sah,
Protect! Protect Me! Sah Am Sauh Jum-

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That consciousness which illumines the exterior is called Shivatattva,
whereas the individual feeling as "I" is Shaktitattva -
Tripurarahasya, XIV, 61


What the Yantra Means

There is no mantra as powerful as this for giving siddhi, desired results, and destroying enemies. It should not be given to the foolish, to the undisciplined, to those not on the path, to the bad, or those fettered by the five kleshas. This alone is the very thing destroying enemies.

Prepare it 400,000 times, or half that. Never perform this method less than 100,000 times. Give a tenth of recitation, a tenth of homa, a tenth oblation, a tenth sprinkling, and a tenth feeding. All this the devotee should do if he wishes to prepare the mantra. Give dakshina to the Guru as required. The rules relating to the unfolding of the yantra of Devadeva,is all complete curse-removal.


The Shri Chakra has bindu, triangle, hexagon, circle, 8 lotus petals,3 circles and earth-square. In the earthsquare are the 10 Dikpalas,with their weapons, such as Indra and so forth.

In the 3 circles are the 3 lines of Guru, the Celestial, Siddha Augha, and Mortal Augha, Shiva.In the 8 (petals) are Asitanga, Ruru, Chanda, Krodhesha, Unmatta Bhairava, Kapalesha, Bhushana and Samharesha.

In the six yonis one worships
Kalagnirudra, Netresha, Vishvanatha,
Maheshvara, Sadyojata and Vamadeva

In the triangle one worships
Kameshvara, Mahakala Deva, and Svacchanda Bhairava
Shiva , In the bindu one should worship Mrityunjaya Deva
with his own Shakti, ruler of the Three Worlds,
with three parts, the highest pure Kala


How to meditate and visulise

Use Om Jum Sauh with six long vowels to bow with. Start with the heart first.
Using the root bija do three pranayamas. Sip water for the three tattvas
which are Atma, Vidya, and Shiva.

In the image for meditation is dhyana of the God of Gods. Which ever mantra
one meditates on, one becomes one with Shiva. Meditate on Mrityunjaya as having three eyes which are Moon, Sun and Fire; smiling face; seated within 2 lotuses, Whose hands hold Mudra, Noose, Wine and Rosary; bright as the Moon; with 10 million Moon Kalas of nectar drenching His body; begemmed wlth radiant pearls ; the Pashupati or Shiva.

In the centre of Rudra's forehead one should meditate on the circle of the Moon. By meditating on this place one may accomplish what one desires, and obtains freedom from death. Meditate on the mantra which Is the supreme seed of all, to obtain what one desires. One should carefully conceal this meditation on Rudra's head.



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