What Yantra Offers

Yantra yoga is an analysis of life and people in an esoteric form.
A way of discovering the answer to the three most important factors of life.

Who am I ?
Why am I here? Where am I going?

Preparing Your Sri Chakra

Each part of the yantra corresponds to a different aspect of the cosmos. According to yogic thinking, God or the Cosmic Consciousness, is originally unmanifest As God begins to manifest, the first expression is as the sound vibration.

"Nada, bindhu, kalaa" - the sound, then the dot, then the art or rays. If God manifests as sound, you can't see anything. This would be the smallest expression. The bindhu represents the first physical expression, the very core of the cosmos. It is the dot which then expresses as kalaa or time . Kalaa means the different aspects or literally the different rays.

Three rings of different hues surrounding the bindhu. They represent the three gunas or basic qualities of nature: sattva (balance), rajas (activity) and tamas (inertia). Everything in this universe manifests uniquely because it results from a combination of these three.

The hexagon around the three rings. The yantra has the six triangles around the center. The first speck of matter expresses itself as more complex matter like a crystal.

The six triangles are a combination of two larger triangles, one pointed down, the other up. As one triangle passes through the other, making the six-sided figureof the hexagon . The triangle with apex upward represents the positive, or masculine aspect; the inverted triangle is the negative, or feminine, aspect called Siva-Shakti. It is a combination of the male and female, equally represented. They remain the same making a complete whole. This represents the entire nirguna (unmanifest) as well as saguna (manifest) aspects of the Supreme.

The triangles once they come together into the hexagon represents the six basic Tattvas or principles - the five senses and the mind as the sixth. The six-sided crystal then manifests outward in further expansions of the primordial energy and matter. Out of love. All the beautiful lotus petals represent the loving manifestation. The petals are the eight inner petals represent the subtle elements, while the sixteen outer ones indicate their grosser manifestations.

The three large circles surrounding the lotuses indicate how these elements express as the three worlds: causal, astral and physical. Although the Divine expression is unlimited. The circles are framed by a square with gaps pointing outward, representing the infinity of creation.


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