13 Baktun Cycle, Why 2012 ?

The Mayan civilization is gone, but they have left behind a calendar of such precession. This has predicted the cycles of eras from long past. With the precession of the equinoxes. It is in the mathematical calculation of the 13 Baktun cycle of the Mayan calendar that we have the date 21st December 2012.

In the 90's there was much talk about the Millennium. We all waited in anticipation for something momentous to happen at the turn of the 21st century. Nothing shattering did happen, other than the World Trade Center event. But there are underlying environmental changes, frequency of the Sun's solar flares, the Magnetic's around our Earth are changing. There are climate changes and massive earthquakes bringing with it devastation. Suddenly the peaceful Earth seems savage. Science is understanding our role in the Universe were these events seem to be changing our concept of ourselves.

Now, the forthcoming events of 21st December 2012. Prophecy says, that, it may well be the end of Earth. Is our concept of the end total destruction, annihilation ? Or, is it that we will take a quantum leap into the future? As mankind evolves an era ends and there are new beginnings where we can transcend to being our true Universal Selves.

Further, prophesy states that our Sun may have a companion. This event would take place in the near future. Some prophecies state that our true extraterrestrial ancestors would appear after a period of thousands of years. We were seeded from beings that came from distant stars and planets. Since time memorial, legends and stories are woven into scientific inquiry. Each new innovation stems from something that was already written in the scriptures or legends.

What is Happening and what is going to happen?................Shana




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