Who Am I and Why am I here?

When I was a little child, a minuscule five year old, I had a mythical double. I seemed to be very comfortable with this other me. It seemed to be identical in appearance, and yet much brighter and shiner. Sometimes this "I" would go on long journeys and come back and tell "me" wondrous tales about the stars. I knew all about how those alien people lived. Sometimes the "me" would just know about things, events and people's inner beings. My father would ask and I would just rattle away. For me the facts were like a story book. Nobody was perturbed with this strange knowledge. I then called this strange, but no longer now.

Somewhere along the way, it seemed, that my double faded. The vagaries of life, the conflicts of our third dimension living made me forget. And yet, my dreams seemed prophetic. I often dreamed of alien worlds, long forgotten history. Now I do know that it was infact my lifetimes in Pangea, Atlantis, Egypt and alien world called Zeta Aquarius that I was dreaming about. A recurring dream was of moving plates of what I called 'Solidified Light'.

All this was fragmented knowledge in my consciousness. Not much was making any sense. Then recently I went to the far East. Since I was baby sitting "two little fellas," I had only to contend with unconditional love and pure spontaneity of little children. The house that I stayed in was surrounded with forests. In that peace and tranquility, listening to bird song I could finally cease the chatter of my mind. There in the quiet "My Double" appeared. I was overjoyed to meet "Me."

It seemed brighter and shiner full of Light. We conversed and I imbibed Universal Knowledge. The Wisdom of the Spheres. This "Me" of the Cosmos just had a spiritual body, there was no other form to this Light. What I understood was that "Letting Go" need not create any experience needed in this Illusion of the third dimension. My Essence would have the experience in it's evolutionary process.That was the reality of the ever-changing "Truth." Whatever dimension I would go to, all that I had to do was to be joyous and enjoy Creation. The Bright "Me" said it was my creation. Yet, I have to understand that.

Having come back, I started writing and to share this experience. My inner being told me to wait and put this up after the 6th December. I did not know "why" then but I do know Now!.................Shana


Who am I ?

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