Mind, Time and Space

You now enter a place where you judge what you are doing
by another word called time. Humanity has lived a life
that is based and planed around a non-existing,
man made word and world called time.


"I have heard this over and over many times."

You still have plenty of time to do what needs to be done. One needs only to function out of the correct side of the brain that tells you to stop wasting all of your precious energy building and planning around a no-thing, that has no existence and never will, except for those who are content to think that time is a reality. You use words like "don't waste time" or " time is running out" and usually ending an incarnation thinking "if only I had more time". One must come to the realization that time is the "empty space" leading upward to your true spiritual self. When you count on time to get you to a higher state of awareness, you are putting your foot between the rungs (time) of the ladder.

Remove yourselves from the element of the non-existing time and totally function in the now. Harder still, one must remove themselves from the mind! Think, think and then think again. Is it not mind that tells you this and that, right or wrong, good and bad. When you function outside of mind, it just is. As long as you are functioning in the mind you live in the life of duality.

Undoubtedly one needs strength, it is not for the weak of heart. It is for those you who will remember and rejoice in the knowledge of truth, the truth of your Being and where your Being really is . Are these obstacles? No, It is for better understanding of self. What you do with this information is for your own being to accept or reject. Either way, accepted or rejected it will be correct for you. It will depend upon where the state your Being exists. Do not allow yourselves to be influenced by anyone. There is no right or wrong, only different experiences. Learn to love all things unconditionally. This condition can only come about when you are functioning out of mind. Only then all things are not judged.

The essences of the truth of just Being. There has never been a truth regarding your mind in our world of time and space. Indeed if there were a truth for the mind then it would have to be a falsehood. Then one functions under the law of duality or under the law of mind. Under this law of duality there would be a imbalance.

Your focus must be on your center where you really exist.

The Inner you

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