Our mind

What is mind? Can we an touch it ? No.
Is it something we can feel? Yes.
Is it something we can create with?
Yes, and no, depending where our state of Being exists.
Is mind God ? Yes and no, again depending where our Inner Being
exists. This is then is the paradox as mind is all and is nothing

There is a need of great contemplation to determine the mind. We are totally confused because of the mind. It is mind that puts us in a state of duality. A event takes place in your life, maybe a shock of life, our brain, which functions and gets its power from the mind will say this is a bad thing or a good thing. Maybe later the brain, which also gets its power from mind, will start to sort things out. It intuitively discerns and the inner voice attempts to direct us. Depending upon our state of being, we will function with our brain.

We have been told that Mind is God. That we must identify with what it is you call God as good. In a way that is the truth. In that reality, all there is, is the mind. However mind is located at many different levels. From the reality of the third dimension, to higher consciousness to superconsciousness and the omniverse. It depends upon what level you are, the level that your mind is functioning in .

Mind is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. We all have different frequency thoughts; some are what we call lower density, higher density. But the entire energy field is our mind. While the mind is not physical, it is contained in and operates throughout the body. Our mind is in our toes, the mind is everywhere, in every organ, every cell, every atom, every particle. The mind is working through every area of your body.

Everything is pure energy. Energy expands, it just is. This energy field extends infinitely towards what we call our Higher Mind, to what we call the Soul. The Soul is your energy vibrating at a higher frequency. The same mind extends to Universal Consciousness, the same mind extends to Eternity, to the One Mind.

Through knowledge, through wisdom, our minds are literally being stretched to inter-mingle with these large Selves of ours, and that is why when your mind, when your thoughts, when your beliefs, when your feelings are vibrating at a higher frequency, automatically your reality changes. Automaticly we think thoughts, we create outside of us.

"In it we live, move and have our being." this is so. This is as it should be. However the many seem to think, and we quote, "I have a mind of my own." Herein lies the problem in your thinking. The many substitute their will with the word mind. You do not have a mind of your own, but function under Universal Mind. It is in Universal Mind that you live, move and have your being.


Mind, Time and Space

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