What is No-Thing?

A no-thing could be an elemental thought form that is seeking a Soul to have an experience.
Or a being that has lost it's soul. That is looking for a soul it can take over that is stronger
which has more experience. A new soul with no experience, because of Lack of effort.
Or no desire to hear, or Total disbelief in a supreme power or Become totally
passive where there was no control over our being because of drugs or alcohol.

How can this all loving Supreme allow this to happen? Of corse the Supreme does not allow it, It just uses its own Essence to bring about a new or stronger soul so it can grow and express itself. The Supreme needs that experience. It is impossible to do away with the Essence of the Creator; therefore nothing is ever lost, only changed.

"Truth" is a ever changing Reality.

It is the Same Cosmic Energy that gives it the power to operate. One may call this total detachment. Only accomplished when one is able to separate from the Physical, Mental and Emtional bodies.

"I am trying the best I know how to reach this point, but it's impossible and so difficult to achieve." If you are trying to reach this point of total detachment by your own effort, as it cannot be reached, no matter how much effort you put forth. Only with it's help can you accomplish total detachment, so just "Let Go and Let the Universe Do." It is then that the Universal Law of Grace Manifests. Simply put, listen to the the inner voice and contemplate what is going on inside yourself.

This puts fear into us. Actually these are souls who should become as Gods, and are doing everything possible to avoid their birthright. Free will choice cannot stop you from getting the experience. But think about the possibility of a great loss. With some deep introspection so we can and will find where our true values lie, and your growth to a full spiritual being.

Eventually in we will all get of this cycle of birth and death, if you choose to do so or not. One way or another it is your choice and has always been your choice. That freedom of choice will never change. There is no need to change who, and what I am to get off this wheel of life and death. Just change your thinking to include your true self, your spiritual self. If in everyday thought process the fact that everything you do, say and think is coming from the Divinity within you, the outcome will take care of itself.

"Of Myself I Do Nothing, The Father In Me, He Doeth The Work."

Our Mind

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