Who am I ?

This question has been asked, since humans were able to think.
The answer has come in many forms, ranging from

" I am nobody", to " I am the Universe". "I am That."

Each answer of " Who Am I?" always will be, correct.


As one gets more and more experience, the answers to that same question will continue to change according to one's experience. If this statement is correct, then it stands to reason that one who avoids an experience will be in a state of stagnation and therefore will wither and die. A person who can accept all the experiences, no matter how difficult, will continually change their minds as to who they are.

How can this be a "Truth," if who you are that
changes with each experience?

What does happen when we go through an experience? Imagine you are young and still in school. You fall in love and marry. After the honeymoon, reality sets and as of course we must live our lives. With no experience about working, and no education to find work. The girl wife is with child. They live with their parents. Everything becomes so distressing that finally there is divorce. Therefore "Truth" is relative to that moment.

If we are able to realize the mistakes that were made, the essence of
the experience is embedded in our souls and one would have grown.

Upon looking back at their so-called mistakes, one would be a little bit wiser, and the prior experience would not be repeated. Or, that nothing was learned from the experience and find that the same situation is drawn to you. Now with second failure self esteem would be lowered and feeling not worthy of happiness. Whatever the soul absorbed as a result of that one experience gives a multitude of other experiences.

In fact, it may be results of this incarnation,
although the experience was chosen before incarnating.


The Choices Made

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