Consciousness, is our ultimate gift, the starting point which makes life and the world a reality for us. And yet consciousness is invisible to science, just as it is invisible to us. How can we "raise the curtain on consciousness"? Consciousness is not like stars, the sun or the moon. As the ancients called it, it is the last remnant of what has been called the soul.

The greatest mystery of all time, the core of our culture: "Consciousness". Science solves some of the mysteries of the universe, but there is the riddle of itself. Consciousness does not penetrate you like an magnetic field and it cannot be seen in the brain. Then what is consciousness? Some scientists say the soul is nonphysical, beyond the understanding of science. This view dividing our understanding into two parts, the physical, that of science, and the spiritual, that of religion.

It is conceivable that consciousness is nonphysical, and tied to the body in that mysterious metaphysical form that unites body and soul in so many doctrines and treatises. Slowly we get the sense that consciousness is more than an impression. In our physical world concept of consciousness is and replaced by a whole lot of of abilities, desires and illusions.

As, we gradually discover what we are. Consciousness really does begin to look like nothing more than the mystery that was formerly called "the soul." As this mystery dissolves, it is replaced by a more complex picture of understanding dreams, memories and wondering.

A deep understanding, removes the energetic blockages around our Higher self, Oversoul or Consciousness, the part that is closest to the Divine Source. Expansion of Consciousness is one of the main benefits of "being in awareness" of everything, especially what our purpose is and why we incarnated here at this point in "time". A dim awareness will arise of some of the hidden agendas of "The Divine Plan."

Your dormant brain functions will start to become active, especially your pineal gland. This will help to start tapping into our seven Higher Senses. We will be able to see how our body is just a thought form as well and change your body more easily with focus. Emotionally, we will go beyond our personal dramas, the aggravation of everyday life.

Can"the Soul" be Proved?


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