"Light, Vibrant Liquid Light"

In July2005 I attended a workshop. The subjects were so varied and yet they were supposed to be meaningful and for a purpose. Delusions and illusions, Child and Children, Shiva /Shakti, Combating your fears, Meherbaba, Games people play and lastly Lemuria, Atlantis and Modern man. Each is a subject in isolation and had no common theme that would make them cohesive to each other. In the end they most certainly did.

"Take heed therefore that the Light which is in you be not darkness".

In this topic of
"Light, Vibrant Liquid Light" I have tried to bring my understanding of this workshop. A candle has to be lit so that the darkness is dispelled. What better way that to reach the fogginess of a difficult Childhood, the Delusions and Fears in our life, stop Playing the Games or allow people to play games with you. Only then can Spirit join with Spirit, Shiva /Shakti. To use the ancient Wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis in these Modern times. And what better than to study and learn a recent modern Ascended Master like Meherbaba's life principles of stillness and silence.

"No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place,
neither under a bushel, but on a candlestick,
that they which come in may see the Light".2 Luke 11;35

In our daily life one should consider you are living "in a fish bowl" for all humanity to see your actions and thoughts. Then live accordingly. Prepare yourself for the very near future, where all your thoughts will be known by those around you. The time is very near when every thought will be known by all you come in contact with. Likewise their thoughts will be known to you also.

No more looking for the motive or the motive behind the motive. When that time comes and it is fast approaching, you will be ready or you will not be ready. You see it is not a matter of trying to live the life. It is with all certainty a matter of Living the Life. One will no longer be able to hide their deceptions, not even from yourself, for your subconscious mind will be under the control of your Higher Self in the new world. At this moment in the life of humanity it is a time to take stock of yourselves and determine if you are just doing things for humanity or are you living a life that everyone can observe. This is the only way to uplift all of humanity.


Not by doing something for others but by letting
"Your Light Shine by the Life you Lead





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