Thoughts are living things, they are light flashes, impulses of the brain. These light impulses are made up of a very rarified and fine matter that has weight and can be detected by a very sensitive instrument. You can measure the power of your thoughts with this knowledge. Thoughts are Living Things. Thoughts are made of a material form which
is more rare in nature than our material body.

These thought forms remain in or near the action field of the person who entertains these thoughts. They unite with forms of the same kind. If all of us could hold the same thought, that thought would increase in strength. These thoughts are tangible alive and pulsating. They are like small clouds all around us. Since thoughts are living things, living in a cloud form, they need to be fed. We need to understand that thoughts are living entities of a definite order and class. They depend on the light power of the brain in which they originated. These Beings with their force will intrigue, if allowed and even get their creator to maintain them with the same thought power out of which they were created.

If one has a certain idea and keeps thinking about this idea, we create an energy around us. If these thoughts are fortified by the act of accumulation of other thoughts, this particular thought becomes a living thing, then turns on us and causes us to do what we are thinking.

We are the creators of our destiny, are we not ? When a human being succumbs to this very natural compulsion, then from these mental clouds, circulating within this energy field, we can see forms arise. The most expressive outer characteristic of these forms are the eyes. The size of the form is according to the measure of the thought the form is being mentally fed. Once the energetics are formed, and if they are constantly being fed by one or more thought, it's eyes will emanate a powerful paralyzing influence energy increasing in force.

The human being, hypnotized by its own mental off-spring, is driven to a series of actions and thereby is driven into slavery by it's own energy. "We are the creators."  One says, "I don't know what made me do or say it."  It was our own thought creation, ether consciously or subconsciously. We created a energy by our own thinking, fed it, and it became a living thing and started to influence us.


In this way, all of us in the course of the ages have become slaves of our own delusions, of our prejudices, preconceived ideas, dogmas, vices and superstitions. These have taken shape in our field of restoration through the working of our own thoughts which we have kept up, which we have fed until they finally began to dominate us. The cloud that I spoke of earlier, starts on the right side of the body at the level of solar plexus, ascends to the top of the head, then descends down the left side of the body and appears at the solar plexus.

How often have we heard someone say, "I would like to change myself, but I can't do it." The life conduct that we often regret and powerlessly resist is the attitude which often embitters our life. Because we grow disgusted with ourselves, we are in danger of losing our self-respect. This is a result of the compulsion that is emanating from our wrong thinking habits, due to our own mental process. Does it pay to think good thoughts?

Man is a victim of his own creative passions and there is no earthly man to whom this statement does not apply. The fact is that every second, man abuses the creative facility of his brain, which causes him or her to feel helpless and at the mercy of the events in their life.

Man says "I don't do the things I want, but I do the things I hate."



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