Energy Spirals

All energy spirals upwards. With each turn of the spiral we move through the illusions that once blocked our understanding. Then as we spiral, slowly rising, things become clearer in a multidimensional way. Once again, integrating our higher beings into ourselves with"Sentiency, Awareness; The Energy of Light"

As old concepts and beliefs slip away,
with the
synthesis of Mind, Body, and Spirit new ones are made. Awareness is a constant realization. It is in search of these new energies deep within our psyche, consciously unfamiliar.

These "qualities" emerge and appear as man develops himself and unfolds within himself. Training himself to recognize the realities of the Divine "qualities" as they manifest. These processes of manifestation produce results in the gradually awakening consciousness of man. Preparing him for liberation and the truth with intuition seen as "enlightenment".

The Human Soul is a synthesis of material energy, intelligent consciousness, plus the spiritual energy which is one of the seven ray types. The human being in the image of the Divine, incarnated in form, firmly matter and on the other hand purely loving spirit. The purpose the Creator, is totally unknown. But the purpose of each radiation of the Creator, through which life may be sensed, is defined within the limitations of the human mind.

Earthly energies



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