Veils of Illusion

Illusion is a part of of our reality.

Opening your chakras allows us to open and understand that which is
hidden from us by our physical senses. The true knowledge beyond
our senses the mysteries are all hidden, behind the emotional
fears that make the chakras into a distorted shape .

"The Plan" is our ascension and understanding the new energies.

Our endeavor is to understand what is beyond. Hidden behind these illusions of reality. The truth about who we really are. Is this magic? Aided by the Seventh subray in the cycle of the Sixth ray of Devotion which is fading out, these Creation programs, "the plan" are hidden by our thoughts and emotional fears which are bound within physical illusion.

Our perception and illusions veil reality. It softens the harshness of reality. It changes the impact of what you are seeing. Viewing the same scene through different perceptions will have different effects on your physical body, mind and soul. It can make you believe whatever you wish to believe.

Our illusions distort the Truth.
We search for the true purpose, the answers to our deep sense of the unknown. Our journey is to transcend this illusion that our mind "chitta" creates in third dimension.

In the beginning all was known and was integrated with the masculine and feminine. Our energies were balanced. As our reality spiraled down to lower and lower frequencies, with our attachments, our karmic cycles and our emotional fears we forgot the simplest the nature of who "I Am". We moved to the slowest moving dimension, going down, downward and forgetting. The new energies coming in to our "Earth", with help of Ascended masters , extraterrestrial beings we are spiraling upward to our "True Being".

All energy spirals upwards. With each turn of the spiral we move through the illusions that once blocked our understanding. Then as we spiral, slowly rising, things become clearer in a multidimensional way. Once again, integrating our higher beings into ourselves with
"Sentiency, Awareness; The Energy of Light"

Energy Spirals


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