Law of Karma
We finally understood that our Naked Essence is then an Actuality. In this experience, there is no way for a thought to remain. Once we are familiar with this way of dealing with a thought, we do not need to suppress thinking. We do not need to correct it. We need not hope of gaining or fear of losing the awakened state. 'Confidence of the view is free of hope and fearí. You do not have to hope for freedom or fear having thoughts, because in the moment of seeing the essence, the thought has dissolved.

Law of Karma. This law is harshly merciless, first to ourselves and then to everyone else because in spite of all the knowledge, we still believe that karma is about good and evil, with right and wrong, with atonement of past sins, with retribution, with penance; whereas karma is merely the effect of an action. Karma is nothing else but recognition that an action causes a ripple of cosmic waves because all is energy, all is vibration.

Action means everything that has an energy ripple, either outwards or ripple inwards, every thought feeling, actual movement; is either an energy magnet or an energy radiator. And it creates Karma. Any action, perceived by our Spirit (our own), our Master Hood, our God self, as being not for the welfare of that Inner God and Others, will cause an imbalance in the Universe.

Viewed cosmically "That is karma".

For the Law of Karma to take place we understood the Law of Free Will.
Choice is ours alone, with no judgements of others. Judge, instantly we become the energy magnet. Free Will gives each individuated embodied and disembodied spirit the power to choose the most appropriate method known to the soul to bring back the Universal Balance.

There is not a single master or person, in this world, who can command us, tell us what we should do to right the balance. It is an individual decision taken by the soul which alone has the right to choose the direction, quality and course of the life and soul journey. The soul, is alone responsible for this. There is no right and wrong; there's only balance and imbalance.

In this universe, it would be our action to get the universe into balance.


Learning manifestation is learning mental body control - how we are going to use the physics in our bodies and in our mind to control our thoughts and direct our reality.We are actually going back in time to reclaim the knowledge and the power, the understanding that was once ours . We all already know and see that thought manifestation from a 3-D level alone is a hit or miss situation.

"I am a co-creator. Whatever we will command to do will happen".


It doesn't really work very well does it? It's because our consciousness is still stationed in the 3rd dimension, and Source is still beyond the 15th dimension. In order to be more like Source or God, you have to be able to embody more dimensions of frequency which happens as you imbibe the fundemental Universal Laws.

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