Universal Laws
We decided to again learn The Universal Laws in practical terms. Esoteric truths that can be applied in our day-to-day lives. We had to to get out of the traps of knowledge. The basic Universal Law is that we have everything within ourselves. We have all knowledge, we have powers of healing, we have all the questions and all the answers, we have the doubts.

We have the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful; we have the disharmony and harmony; everything that there is outside of us is within us. "As Within So Without" ďAll that is manifest in all forms is thought into being from pure potentiality and is interactive within itself; this is a natural process. In its simplest explanation, each human is a thought that thinks and therefore is self-aware. "As above, so it is below".
We had the power to make ourselves sick and had the power to make ourselves well. The power to doubt, and had the power to answer those doubts.

The greater is the belief in ourselves, in our power, in your Master Hood, in our Godhood, the less will be the need. Needs come in the way of our enjoying a beautiful exchange of energies. En-joy! Create joy! Be Joyous!

If everything is within, and if what is within is outside of us, as a reflection, then the law that follows is The Law of One and The Law of Unity. Both are truly diametrical opposite.

The Law of One states that cosmic awareness is aware that everything is one and that it recognizes fragments and differentiation as pure illusion. Cosmic awareness passes through illusion to reality and does not see the Illusion. That's Law of One!



Law of Unity,
states that all fragments are reality and that the joy of moving towards cosmic awareness lies in Unity in diversity. One law tells us that all is one and the fragmentation is illusion, and another law tells us that fragmentation is reality; that being diverse and separate is reality.

The spur for us to cosmically be aware is the Law of Essence. Every essence has a distinct vibratory level, our energy signature. Everything , every feeling, every thought has a vibration. Anger, lust, possessiveness, greed, unkind thoughts, criticism are energy magnets, known as dense energy. Love, forgiveness, acceptance, sharing, generosity, surrender, tolerance are energy radiators.

We understood that we had to be energy radiators and not energy magnets. Love radiates energies outwards; they don't hold anything back. Whatever is their purest energy signature is radiated outwards. They become Fine Irradiated Light Energy.

Bieng energy radiators we understood the Law of Love. Love is the ability to see neither good nor evil. Evil is not to be resisted. All is self and all is good. Inherently implied within this law is the Law of Tolerance. We introspected, were our relationships based on love? If not, were they based on obsession or habit? The ability to see neither good nor evil makes one truly merciful and to the Law of Mercy.

Recognizing that the others action, words and beliefs, thoughts, is neither good nor evil, but comes from pain was being mercyfull. Mercy can truly be experienced if, we were are in touch with our own pain. Of course, denying the pain that lies within, we are refusing to look at the essences that we are projecting outside, in our day-to-day life.

Mercy is not the same as forgiveness, mercy is a recognition of pain, not an act of wrong doing. Forgiveness is recognition of an act of wrong doing, which we, in our sacred holiness decide to forgive. To forgive, there has to be first recognition of a wrong.

Law of Karma



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