It's all About Love

The word 'love' is known to us . 'Love' is not an emotion, it is a force. Love is not the 'cotton wool' emotion we experience on planet Earth. It is magnificent and it is, indeed, a difficult word to explain in the third dimension context, as love cannot be 'explained', it can only be 'experienced'. So our comprehension of the word 'love', is totally different. This is the primary reason that relationships often undergo upheavals, as we as individuals do not have the same focus, belief or experience of love. We demand that the other person 'love' them in the way they experience it, which is physically, spiritually and emotionally impossible.

'Love' is the same as 'power', which is an appreciation and acknowledgment of our own magnificence, this can never be directed outward, it can only be directed inward. Every human being, in preparation for 2009, is undergoing a process of the upgrade of the physical brain as well. The energies of the left and right lobe are now beginning to merge and at the same time, your neural pathways are being restructured. The process is still underway. Some are experiencing memory lapses, and others are experiencing what appears to be an enhancement of memory. Tastes are changing, as are likes and dislikes. Just accept the interim process of the upgrade.

Most of us are being pulled in three different directions: the mind takes us in one direction, with those convoluted Earthly thoughts and justifications, with the 'Ifs and Shoulds.' The body takes us in a second direction, as it has its own feelings and desires; and the spirit is constantly nudging in a third direction.

We feel torn apart, directionless, and confused. This is going to be our task for 2009. Eliminating the lack, finding abundance, finding faith in self, and exploring newer and newer aspects of self: it is indeed a beautiful year for us, and a year in which we will blossom. This can only happen if we dedicate our work to self, for self, by self.


"Love." If we cannot appreciate and acknowledge our own magnificence, if we are not in power, how can we possibly appreciate and acknowledge another's magnificence? If our vibrations are not at a level where we can 'love' self, how can we possibly begin to wrap another with our energy field? You may try, but if we do not have the energetic capacity to do so. It is like trying to grab hold of a cloud.

We have to understand this, love is not given, love is an energetic embrace, and if you do not have energy arms which are wide, how can we embrace anything? If our love quotient is only close to our chest, looking at my sister, mother, friend and lover and saying 'I love you, when my energy arms do not even come near our energetic sphere, they are flapping wildly. It is a concept that we have been brought up with: that we 'must' love our partner, mother, father and friends. We do say the words, very often, but they are meaningless. When we begin to love ourselves, and expand and appreciate of our own magnificence, these tendrils move outward.

We don't have to feel anxious. We need to feel with our Consciousness that the new change is to be loved and embraced. One thing we can do now is to work with the Divine Inner Child. This is important because we can learn self-love in this way. Self-love is one of the most important steps to take in the new paradigm. The Inner Child resides in the Heartspace, and this is the place we all need to be working with, the space behind the heart. We need to disconnect our Inner Child from its earth parents, that is our physical parents, and connect it with Divinity.

We're all explorers. We need to observe and be aware of who we really are "the golden God/Goddess". We need to be aware of our responsibility for the Divine Inner Child. We can find deep and real self-love through this Inner Child. Through this, we can come together as a blazing light of Love on the planet. But we must start with the self. Once, we could change, we are changing the history of Planet Earth.

This too Shall Pass



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