The Years of 2009 to 2012

In all of Earth's history, this is the most exciting time to be in a human body. This is not new information. An incredible change is taking place: The electromagnetic grid is aligning with the Crystalline Grid. The electromagnetic is the old grid. It holds us in place in matter. Now, it has moved into alignment with the Crystalline Grid, the new grid of the new world that has been formed. The clearing, activation, and setting of the Crystalline Grid began in March 2003. Completion will continue until 2012.

We are feeling a shift from the electromagnetic energy to the new, cosmic energy that is coming in. This new energy will enable us to step into the next dimension. This is not the destructive energy we have associated with the new energy in the past. This type of "life force energy" will enable our strands of DNA to make the shift into the fifth dimension.

This energy or the "life force energy" will allow humans to return to their original blueprint. The most important thing to remember about these new energies is to stay anchored and flexible. We want the energy to remind us of who we really are. And we want to allow the grid shift, as well, to be both flexible and anchored.



There are other bodily changes . These changes are making many things happen. Our archetypes are changing. Male and female roles are changing. Many of us feel anxious, fearful, or depressed. The body is experiencing profound changes as we move from one dimension to another. Change is becoming a constant. There are major changes as the old paradigm is falling away and a Transformation is taking place.

2009 is the year of right human relations. All relationships will be examined during this year. Not only interpersonal human relationships, but our relationship with our job, our relationship with the situation we exist in, our clothes, with our behavior, with our attitudes, our beliefs, our relationship with every relation. In this process of the vibrant flow and the occasional tumble, which will happen for all, we will be able to attain, in a very practical and physical manner, a new Awareness of our own Power and a new Faith in self.

The year 2009 is going to be very practical, very much to do with you, in the best possible manner. It is a year of great energetic magnitude, as planet Earth is drawing to Herself floods and floods and floods of new Cosmic energies that will pour in at a torrential rate, affecting every aspect of Herself.



You will all find yourself breathless if you do not raise your own 'Vibrations' to match the power that is being flooded into you, and you will do one of two things: you will either give up and exit the planet, or you will find yourself bouncing around on a stormy sea, like a little piece of driftwood upon the waves. And this you do not want, as it will disorient you to a degree that you will not be able to tolerate. No one, no one who chooses to remain alive and on Planet Earth during 2009 does not wish to leap and grow energetically at this rate. Collectively we have chosen to draw these energies to the planet.


The are questions in all our minds: yes, there will be many changes; yes, there will be shifts; yes, there will be other upheavals and yes, there will be other magnificent events, some of which will be deemed very positive, some of which will be deemed horrendous. It is going to be a year of vibrancy the like of which we have never before seen.


But the key word is not destruction or death or trauma, the key word is 'vibrancy' and if we raise our vibrations to align perfectly with the desire of the mind-body-soul connect, it will be magnificent.


It's all About Love



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