The Blue Pyramid at Galveston Aligned to Sirius A and B
Both complexes are sound activated.
Phi Energy Pyramids

The Sound Connection: The Blue Pyramid at Galveston reverberates to specific vowel sounds on the Equinox. Because of the accumulator abilities of pyramids, there are specific inner and outer dimensional doorways within them that can be sound activated for anchoring in the energy of the Platinum Ray. This will be facilitated from parallel by the Sirian A star and extraterrestials.
There are dimensional doorways inside certain Phi energy Pyramids, and this is especially true for Galveston and Giza. There are also etheric, invisible pyramids, that are formed around these pyramids. These etheric versions are dimensional reflections that mirror Light energies. They are not perceivable in the spectrum of visible light, but certain sound pitches can make them faintly visible.There are etheric chambers that need to be activated in the Moody complex, and these are energetically gated to Giza.

These are structures engineered with great complexity. Phi sound patterns can physically materialize them, but if these patterns aren't given then the structures are less accessible.All etheric structures have their own sound patterns that help form their structure, just as occurs in physical objects. Phi sound bonds the atoms and molecules of physical objects, as well as cohesively structures etheric plasma and light. This is precisely why pyramids last so long in physical format and appear and reappear in etheric dimensions.

Few astronomical sights excite the imagination like the nearby stellar nursery known as the Orion Nebula. The Nebula's glowing gas surrounds hot young stars at the edge of an immense interstellar molecular cloud only 1500 light-years away. The Great Nebula in Orion can be found with the unaided eye just below and to the left of the easily identifiable belt of three stars in the popular constellation Orion.

Aligned to Orion

pyramids at Giza
The deliberate placement is amplified at these specific points; the 30-degree latitude is a conduit of very significant energies and connects throughout all northern hemisphere continents. Pyramids placed along these areas, are more capable of receiving concentrated telluric and solar energies. It can and does accumulate very potently inside pyramidl complexes along these parallels. This is well understood for Giza. An extraordinary experience will occur for many within the Blue Pyramid and at Giza. It is no random occurrence that numerous sacred sites and power nodes occur quite abundantly along certain latitudinal and longitudinal gradients. Thirty-degree parallel north is one of these.

The meaning of Phi.
Magnetic flux, represented by the Greek letter (phi), is a measure of quantity of magnetism, taking into account the strength and the extent of a magnetic field. The SI unit of magnetic flux is the weber (in derived units: volt-seconds), and the unit of magnetic field is the weber per square meter, or tesla

Telluric Energies:
The Solid Core of the Earth functions as a single Crystal. This Solid Core appears to be one gargantuan Hexagonal Crystal of Iron 1500 miles across. As such, it expresses a Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy, a term meaning its resonant frequency can differ dependent on the spin-orbit fluctuations of its dipole, magnetic field. Which means it has a distinct directionality where energy flows faster along one axis than the other. A typical characteristic of a Crystal.

As the Earth’s surface floats upon a molten mass composed of an Iron-Nickel Core with a temperature hotter than the surface of the sun (6700°F), the Earth is anything but solid. In fact, the Earth behaves more like a Liquid Crystal resonating at frequencies keyed to its composition, mass, and rotation. These frequencies are constantly being attenuated by the electromagnetic resonance it shares with the Sun and other Stars, some as far away as the most distant of Galaxies. We experience this Telluric Energy as a Gaian Current distributing itself across the Earth’s surface in patterns dependent on the shape and composition of the mineral and water bodies it passes through, both above and below.

The Beginnings of Change and Ascension.


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