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The Year Of Empowerment
In the January of 2008, (it seems so far back ) I started my journey to be the "Modern Day Guru." Indeed it it had been so very easy to plod along in the grove that I had been in. I thought to become a Guru was quite easy. So much energy was expended in learning the process. My misconceptions created so much pain and anxiety, in fact it increased the fears that perhaps I would get left behind or that there is huge blockade that did not allow me to enlightenment. These must be experienced so that I do not blindly stumble about.

For the first time I asked myself "What then is Ascension? Ascension is the process of changing one's consciousness from one reality, based on one set of beliefs, to another. On a group level, ascension is the collective expansion of a state of consciousness set of beliefs to the point where that consciousness creates a new reality a new state of being or dimension. We are collectively creating a Fifth dimensional consciousness through our individual ascension processes.

Consciousness is a set of beliefs on which I base my life and through which I made the choices and decisions that make up my present reality. A dimension is a state of consciousness. What I knew about dimensions, is that each is about a unique set of beliefs. The third dimension is about the belief that, this is the only life that I had and if I could not function with my senses touch it, taste it, see it, feel it or hear it, it d id not exist. Now that had changed. I had different perceptions.


The Fifth dimension is my realization that we are all One, or Unified in our set of beliefs.
Our present third dimension consciousness was not established until enough people began to believe the same way. The Fifth dimension consciousness was not established until enough of the people existing there, figured out how to live in unity. When enough people live a set of beliefs they create a dimension.

In the past one went to the sages, read the scriptures, and followed a regime of meditation, prayer and simple life. Sometimes, these created misconceptions of ascension from a lack of basic information and trying to formulate a concept of ascension on what I was taught in the past. A new perspective regarding some of these concepts was just having another level of knowledge makes it so much easier.

So here we all are. Travesing the same path. Wanting more, waiting for some earth shattering quantum leap that would just swing me into "Guruship or Masterhood". Fear has served me very well in the past. It has protected me. But I no longer need it. I had to let go of attachment to overcome the fear. The outcome will not be what I want. When I released that fear, I moved back into the center and moved into Love. I had to peel away all those masks that I had happily hid behind.

I guess, the more of us who learn how to let go of attachment by controlling the consciousness and coming into who we really are, the more quickly the ascension process will take place. We are literally holding a place for others to make the shift. In other words, as we make the shift ourselves, it becomes possible for others to entrain with us. So lets review this journey in the year of 2008.......................................Shana


The Year Of Empowerment



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