Our Understanding

Are we millions of physical expressions of "The All"? Are we, in actuality, one being, contrary to the apparent differences? More and more frequently, it can be found of this interconnectedness. The numbers of people waking up to this is a swelling wave. A short time ago there just a few that were perceived in our interconnectedness. An enormous cross section of earth’s people now recognize our true nature.


Can we be enemies? How can we mistreat one another, or even consider for a moment bringing harm to one person, much less to a nation, an entire people, or to our planet home? For in so inflicting harm, we do so to "our self, to The All." We’re present in our natural state of collective consciousness. Fundamentally there are no differences between us.

The current global drama is taking on more and more unhumanitarian behavior. Each of us may be called upon at some time to acknowledge our separation from someone who, to all appearances, is alien to us angry, crazy, behaving harmfully, and apparently misguided.


Within the moment of clear seeing it is possible to express an attitude against harmful action and simultaneously recognize that we shared in the universal Unity with this individual or group. Our consciousness could be freed from previous habits of perception of “I” and “other” to relax into the overreaching reality that “they” and “we” would commonly hope for happiness and release from suffering.

Suddenly we are saying "that we created our own reality'.

"Mind sleeps in stone, dreams in the plant, awakens
in the animal and becomes conscious in man."

"Man's mind mirrors a universe that mirrors man's mind."

Our brain is domineering when it comes to coping with Reality. To recognize that what we call Reality is only what we have agreed to call reality, is to recognize that we can perceive only what we can conceive.


This energy, the "life force energy." Will allow us to return to our original core , increasing the lifespan and perhaps even bringing immortality. We want the energy to remind us of who we really are. These changes are making our archetypes change. Male and female roles are changing. Many of us feel anxious, fearful, or depressed. Some feel as if they are in suspended animation. The body is experiencing profound changes as we move from one dimension to another.


Change is becoming a constant. The old paradigm is falling away.
We need to feel with our consciousness that the new change is to
be loved and embraced.


Cosmic Consciousness is awareness of the Universal Mind
and one's unity with it. It is consciousness of the life and order in the Universe.


The framework of consciousness is thought. It is random selection and its weaving with it is are memories and emotions. Our consciousness, unlike awareness, includes a series of choices. This is the method of trial, error, and accidental success.

The conscious human mind is capable of great good and equally extraordinary evil. It is only for the sake of simplicity that we talk of levels with an upward hierarchy. In fact, consciousness, while rooted in causal linearity is dynamic, free moving and nonlinear.




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