The Year Of Empowerment

At the Beginning of 2008, we stood at the threshold of a major new thought"Every beginning is a consequence - every beginning ends something. If knowing is full, and wisdom complete,
why must there be lack in belief?"

The Masters whispered in our Thoughts
and Dreams. Loving us. Encouraging us.
The Angels sang with Music of the spheres.

It forced us to examine our most basic assumptions about ourselves, our world, and our being in the world. We had the most intriguing and important questions, our first step into a wider reality beyond hidden biases and unconscious assumptions of our Consciousness, Reality and Knowingness.

As we move in this year of 2008 towards the coming Changes which are happening in our Universe, in the Circle of Dimensions, Our Circle of Solar System, Countries and Societies, Groups Of individuals and their relationships. The Minutest One Individual and everything within the existence of the person.


The body, name, belongings, personal interests, work and the world that exists for one.
If in this Vast Universe there are such major changes there is a urgent need to Define Ourselves at the minutest level of our existance. Can we then call ourselves "Beings of light?" We wanted the ultimate experience, which we were serching for.



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