The Void

Visualize a very large body of water. Bring nothing else into this visualization.
A very large body of water. Still! Unmoving! No wave, no light, no sound, no colour.
Just water. Visualize it clearly. Feel its depth, its volume, its stillness, its silence,
its non-movement, its non-light; visualize its non-sound. Experience it.
Give it time for this visualization.





When you have experienced it, you will experience full stillness within you.
Just water, nothing else. This is the Void, the non-energy, the non- light, the non-sound.
The Void. The no thing. And yet, in this no thing, is the potential of everything. This
waterhas the potential to be steam; this water has the potential to be ice. This water
has the potential to make things wet. This water has the potential to make
things evaporate. This water has the potential to be a cloud

And now let the visualization go further. Let this water become steam, let it become ice. Let it become cloud. Feel its wetness. And yet having the attribute of wet, and therefore instantly having the attribute of dry, because the absence of water is dry. Water itself neither experiences itself as wet or dry. And now this water flows onto a sheet of white pure cotton. Instantly, even in your visualization, the cotton has become wet. With the help of this cotton, water has experienced its wetness.

And now let the sun's beam shine brightly on this wet cloth. The water, with the help of the sun's beam, experienced its attribute of evaporation, making the cotton cloth dry. And once again, with the help of the cloth, water has experienced its own attribute of its absence, which is dry. And now let the steam and the ice and the cloth and the cloud and the sun all disappear again. All disappear! It is once again only the still body of water, unmoving, non-light, non-energy, non-sound, no thing, the Void, without any experience of itself.

It is! It has potential of ALL and yet is No Thing.
This is the Process of Creation.
The water is the Void, not a vacuum, the Void.
The Void of All That Is, and yet the Void is Nothing.
And now let a small breath of air
play with the surface of the water gently.


The First Movement

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