What is Creation?

Combined energies of Djwhal Khul, Vyvamus, Lenduce
and El Morya greet you all. We will talk of creation.

What is Creation? How did it happen? Where did it come from? Where is it going? So many questions, answers to which are all present. Present in the many books of knowledge that have, and yet none of them have been assimilated by any. It is only book knowledge, and so we are gong to attempt, to explain it… the same truth in different words, words that might be understood a little clearer.

We wish you to visualize, we will be using words and thought associations and pictures, in order to make this very, very intangible subject to be grasped by your mind, and yet in doing so, some of the truth must be sacrificed. It is important to note that in giving these visualizations or thought impressions, truth cannot be conveyed. As there are limitations in the perceptions and your spoken word, we take on a task of converting a mountain into even smaller than a molehill. You will visualize. Start with this visualization.


The Void

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