The Vehicle of Energy

Consciousness knows that "all is one" and that energy is undifferentiated. Knowingness is aware of energy only through its different and distinct aspects. As a result, at one level of your being you have the complete wisdom of oneness, and at another level of your being, you recognize energy only through its distinctions. Ancient Wisdom gives distinct explanations for Cosmic Consciousness.

There is a link between the heart and emotions. The heart responds to emotional and mental reactions. As we experience emotional reactions like anger, frustration, anxiety, and insecurity, heart rhythms become incoherent or more jagged, interfering with the communication between the heart and brain. Thus, negative emotions create a chain reaction in the body blood vessels constrict, blood pressure rises, and the immune system is weakened. This kind of a consistent imbalance can put a strain on the heart and other organs, and eventually lead to serious health problems.

When we experience heartfelt emotions like love, caring, appreciation, and compassion the heart produces coherent or smooth rhythms that enhance communication between the heart and brain. Positive heart qualities produce harmonious rhythms that are considered to be indicators of cardiovascular efficiency and nervous system balance. They've also been shown to produce beneficial effects that include enhanced immunity and hormonal balance.The ability of the brain-in-the-head to process information and make clear decisions is affected by how we react emotionally to any given situation.

It's like when we look up into the stars and into outer space, we are actually seeing a massive reality field that's filled with life and consciousness and all sorts of structures and forms and density levels and civilizations. But we don't see it all - we see deep space- the huge amounts of black distances between planets. Space between objects is a vibrational frequency.

It is a vibrational frequency that our body systems are not used to perceiving so they block it out. If the frequency receivers inside your DNA are not doing their job to receive frequency, then the frequency will be blocked out as if it doesn't exist. There are lots of things that we can't perceive with our 3-Dimensional consciousness. Because the beings exist in higher harmonics of frequency that their senses and current 3-D technologies can't detect.  We tend to look at thought as one of those unquantifiable things as a result of physical "phenomena". But thought is just as physical as your physical body. Our bodies and the planet's body are just thoughtforms.

Since we don't have the frequency receptors turned on for that specific frequency, we literally won't see it in our Reality. If we had all of our sense receptors turned on, complete DNA activation, we would not see the hologram. Everything would be direct Cognition and known as part of Us within Ourselves when we know ourselves as the Source. ......Shana



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