The Aquarian Age

The Aquarian Age, the age of individual enlightenment and brotherhood of Man, will only manifest fully only after a purification process. This fall is imminent in the way this civilization has polluted the Earth beyond repair. Derived from the greek word Christos, meaning the "anointed one" who inaugurated the age of Pisces as the Jesus of Nazareth, says .


"When the Sign of Man shall come, he will enlighten you in all things."

We all wish to see things happen with the minimum of suffering and maximum of benefit but the present reality and the message of the ancients reveals a different plot which we must accept as a manifestation of the cosmic intelligence / will. The ancients have warned us that in the past, many civilizations which considered themselves invincible, were reduced to dust by the storms of 'time'.

Coming back to the time of the last global cataclysm, the Great Sphinx is the structure which assumes prime importance in marking the time around 10,500 BC. It is regarded by esoteric astrologers as a combination of signs Leo and Virgo. It is quite evident in its mixing of human and animal form that it was an attempt to represent the change of Ages from Virgo, a sign with a human symbol, to the Age of Leo, a sign with lion as its symbol.

Several descriptions of this catastrophe and its timing can be found within the wisdom and scriptures of all the ancient civilizations, including that of the Native American Indians. In the vedic scriptures, one can get the detailed accounts of the civilizations which made these structures around 10,500 BC, and which existed before and during the Age of Leo.

 Two main ancient Vedic epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, deal with nothing but the culture and lifestyle of the four main Ages before 2000 B.C. Those ages are the Age of Leo, the Age of Cancer, the Age of Gemini, and finally the Age of Taurus. The Vedic scripture Ramayana tells us of the Kings who ruled in the Age of Leo, and reveals that they all considered themselves Suryavanshi, meaning the direct descendants of the Sun.

In other words, they were all Sun Kings, which is a very strong indicator of that time being the Age of Leo, as Sun has the lordship of Leo according to Vedic astrology. The Ramayana also reveals that some of the cities in that Age which were built mostly of Gold, which again is associated with Sun and the sign of Leo in Vedic astrology. The Vedas talk about flying machines "Vimana", which functioned simply from the power of thought. It describes a very advanced civilization whose downfall came through pursuit of excessive materialism.

It is Krishna who said to Arjuna in the middle of the battlefield.."Whenever there is decay of righteousness and exaltation of unrighteousness, O Bharata, than I Myself come forth for the protection of the good. I am born from Age to Age, for the sake of establishing righteousness."

A divine incarnation who heralds every new Age. The war of Mahabharata, at around 3100 BC, is the conflict which begins Kaliyuga, or the Age of Darkness. This war relates to the transition from the Age of Taurus to the Age of Aries, symbolized by the death of Krishna. The actual transition took place around 2000 BC. The Vedic tradition felt that humanity lost some part of their original divinity through each of the changing ages and finally the absolute bottom in "Kaliyuga". The cycle repeats itself after a cataclysm similar to that of 10,000 BC

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