Our Passion


Feel the passion of our inner warrior.
What in our life provides a sense of physical security now?
Where do our passions lie? You've been dreaming of
that new creative project. Now jump in and do it !

This is especially potent time . It continues to churn up subconscious issues.
Experience gratitude for the progress you've made on your spiritual journey.
Ask for assistance from your spiritual guides to release patterns that will
not be carried into the next cycle. Prepare for the inner stillpoint
when your soul will be reborn int
o Light.

The promise is the return of Light to Earth
symbolized by the Birth of the Christ Child, a healer who remembered his oneness with Source and left a legacy of personal mastery to inspire us.

Now on 12-12-12 draw on the memory of Inner Divinity to guide you toward a state of consciousness that is in the new dimensions and reality.


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