Sit for a moment, close your eyes and see Mother Earth encased in a
protective glowing light. Hold the image as you offer this blessing:

As The World Changes

The countdown to the Golden Age is on. As vast cycles of cosmic time come to a close,
wondrous cycles are beginning. We live in the transition period, the Shift of the Ages.
We knew that we had to change, for we were in
a new dimension
..We had the Christ Child,
the Krishna Consciouness within us.
All the layers of masks had to be removed.



Now, we stand at the threshold of a major new passage
"Every beginning is a consequence - every beginning ends something."


Against this backdrop of the night sky that darkens, the stars shower
us with consciousness and the voice of creation whispers of new beginnings.
This is home. Create a ceremony of healing and prayer, bring your intentions into being.


Plans, projects and journeys get the green light when
communication and transportation returns to forward motion.
What have you revised, revisited, revamped and reorganized ?

Our Passion


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