Energy Systems and Subtle Bodies

  The human being with it's gross physical body is connected by a silver cord to the Scource forming a connection to the Higher Energy systems. There higher Chakras that are in connection with Ascended masters and the higher Realms and these messages filter into our bodies.
The material world and the Physical body is the only reality that exists. These are things that are discerned with the physical senses and grasped by the rational mind. In viewing a human being, however sensitized eyes can perceive numerous energy structures, with every movement. With shapes and colors within and around the physical body.


Should you be someone who only accepts the material body as a reality. Can you consider what happens to the energy, the vital force which lends life to the physical body. This energy that provides it with sensations and means of expression when that body dies.

The laws of physics states that energy is never lost in the universe, it is merely transformed. The power at work behind the body's material appearance with all its functions and capabilities consist of a complex energy system without which the physical body could not exist. This system of energy consists of energy consists of three basic components:

The subtle bodies, or energy bodies.
The chakras, or energy centers.
The nadis, or energy channels.

The nadis represent kind of subtle network of arteries.The term Nadi is Sanskrit and means
a pipe vessel or vein. The function of a nadi is to transport prana or vital energy,
throughout man's subtle energy system.

The Sanskrit word prana may be translated as ''absolute energy''. In the Chinese and Japanese
realm this Universal life energy is called ''chi' '/ ''ki'' or ''qi ''. It represents the Primeval
source of all forms of energy and manifests itself in various frequencies.
One of its forms of expression is air, which is one of several ways in
which we take in prana, namely by breathing.

The level of consciousness of every living being depends on the frequencies of prana it is capable of absorbing and storing. Animals have lower frequencies than human beings, and advanced human beings have higher frequencies than those at the beginning of their development.

The nadis of one energy body are connected with the nadis of the neighboring energy body via the chakras,. Some ancient Indian and Tibetan texts mention 72,000 nadis; other archaic writings speak of 350,000 nadis. The most important of these energy channels are called sushushma, ida and pingala, The Chinese and Japanese speak of a similar system of energy channels, which they call meridians. Acupuncture is based on knowledge of the meridians.

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