Energies and Subtle Bodies

In the age of Aquarius everything is changing in and around us. Every single element and atom.
Physicality is changing. Every substance in our bodies is changing. Every substance on Earth is changing.
Our physical bodies, our subtle bodies, chakras, cells, Dna and the meridians are changing their shape,
velocity, speed, frequency, amplitude, resonance, brilliance, and function.

As we become a New Species of Light, preparing to operate within new systems of awareness and existence, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, in all our subtle bodies we are undergoing many adjustments and readjustments, which imply movement and change, and, therefore some imbalances.
With influxes of Light and Energy, we find ourselves between former balance, new imbalance, adjustment to temporary levels of imbalance, movement into rebalance, all part of ongoing process to a new level of balance. We are involved in constant change . We are living in a whole new level of energy.

It is not about a new comfort zone. Everything is energy and energy is always changing. Reality as we have known it, is altering fast. We are beginning to live in what we formerly would have called an "altered reality." But the changes are happening every single moment of our day and of our night. We are adjusting to them and getting used to them. Sometimes we do not even notice them. Before long we will be operating our vehicles in a whole new level of Reality, in a different dimensional quality of higher and higher dimensions.

Greater understanding will come of the Divine Dispensations of the "The Rays" which help us contend with our newer Realities. We shall be able to recognize the Monadic family we belong to. We will understand what is Light and what are the Dark Energies. As we move forward our understanding of Sacred geometry, teleportation and sending Holographic images of ourselves will be a normal way of life.

Energy Systems and Subtle Bodies



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