The Inner Child
The Inner Child is that part of us that is free, alive, creative and fulfilled. It would be the closest description of Spirit. Spirit has no problems speaking their minds and speaking up to get their needs met. The Inner Child is Childlike, Open, Trusting, Vulnerable, Honest, Giving and Good,

The Inner Child focuses on being itself, joyfully expressing its wants and desires without feeling the need to coercion or manipulation to get its needs met.  It loves itself, it does not harbor the idea that others do not love it too.  The Inner Child lives for itself fully believing that everyone accepts it for who and what it is.

For most of us we ignore the Inner Child.
Those are the beginnings of the dark fearful Inner Child

Imbalances are created through conditioning. Inspite of our natural instincts we are taught to believe from our family and society that is not really us, with the beliefs of parents, peer groups, schools, religion and society. What is acceptable to do, say, feel and express and what is not, is stored deep into us. Going outside the established,there is pain of rejection, blame, shame and guilt. Fear creeps in.

The level of pain we wish to experience is decided on a inner level. Inner Child wanting love and acceptance, suppresses all feelings. When something triggers that suppressed pain, we make Child feel blamed and abandoned.  With survival in mindavoid all, that can trigger pain. This creates a fear-based side to handle this need. This is what is called the Ego. 

As we grow older, the Ego suppress that pain and failing to suppress pain, we reject. Ego is skilled in being powerful and manipulative. To keep the pain from the emotional body, the tools of addictions, behavioral patterns that trigger these beliefs set in.

The personal identity The Ego, is that of self-centered, irrational and fearful part of us.  The Ego taught with our conditioning is that need to either destroy, subdue and tame. The Ego is considered to be Suspicious, Distrustful, Dishonest, Selfish and Childishly Bad. The Ego shows the fear within. Adult-like in behavior,with outward niceties, acting childishly out of some form of weakness and insecurity. When upset over unfulfilled expectations, it becomes, manipulative and cunning. For Ego, love and acceptance is survival.  It lives with the constant fear of rejection.

The Inner Child does not fear rejection. 
Child like it is innocent, open, honest and love based.
The Ego is fear based. The Ego is the dark side of the Inner Child.


Loving Your Inner Child

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