The synthesis of
Body, Mind and Spirit is perhaps the most difficult and yet when integrated the most fulfilling. The effects are very positive and therefore joyous in our lives. Love is created when we come together, merge in communion, our masculinity and femininity, and then move apart again. When this clashes, we create life lessons that are experienced negatively. Eventually, once lessons are learned and healing completed, they bring us back to the positive with the synthesis of our Body, Mind and Spirit.


I find that Synthesis is only possible once we are able to love ourselves. How can we do this with all those memories of past life traumas, present day abuses and isolation? What would be the easy way? To tell you honestly there is no easy way. Loving yourself means coming to terms with our deepest feelings of fear, anger and resentments. We must understand who is the Inner child, Self and Ego. What role does each play? Learning how to use our angers, and learning how the venting of anger ultimately enhances our relationships.

We all use three major ways of influencing each other's fields. Some of these ways are positive; some are negative. We make positive energy connections with people. In these positive interactions, we do not allow others to mistreat us. We are centered within ourselves and communicate well.

What is it that, we want the most? When we are insecure and fearful we need the most is for others, to accept us, love us unconditionally and most importantly Not to reject us. Inspite of being good or bad we need that love, nurturance and acceptance. So does the Inner child and the Ego. If the Ego is the darkside of the Inner child and we start looking at our Ego in fear, behavioral habits set in. Inner child and the Ego both are to be accepted as yourself. Both must be loved. Love is really a emotion of trust, kindness and compassion. It integrates and synthesizes the fears with the expression of self love. To Ascend we need to love ourselves. Understanding, allows us to be compassionate and forgiving others, and most importantly ourselves.

In the Higher dimensions, our guides are indeed with us and assisting us on our path of Ascension and Integration. In these higher dimensions
Body, Mind and Spirit
are seen as the same entity. Because earth is a place where polarity exists, they acknowledge that polarity extends to both our inner world and our outer worlds. It is through our experiences we separate the Body, Mind and Spirit, experiencing the pain of trying to live that way, then searching for a solution to the pain. Until we figure out that keeping all Three Aspects separate only causes more frustration, defeating our attempts at self-love and empowerment. Finding what we searched for in their separateness, the answer really is in integrating them. .....................Shana


The Inner Child



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