'Energetic Friction'

Particle release energy is through a process called 'energetic friction'. Energetic friction is a process by which two particles of mental energy fields begin to agitate and stir up their internal contents, due to an external catalyst or spur, in an attempt to release what is required to meet the spur appropriately.

What does one understand by 'particulate matter'? This is a spur for the mental body. That spur sets off within each particle an agitation. It begins to vibrate very, very strongly. The spur and the particle have a friction, that's why it's called an 'energetic friction'. This causes that 'energetic friction', makes the particle turn around. It does not have anything to do with resistance.

In this agitated state, each particle now begins to release an energy, which is the mental field energy and yet, it is never the same because this mental field energy is completely appropriate only for the spur the question has created. That spur and that release of that appropriate mental energy will give, therefore, an answer because only that appropriate kind of mental energy will then filter down, through the subtle bodies, into the physical brain, where it then gets translated into words, pictures, thoughts, feelings, actions.

It happens so simultaneously that we are not aware that it is happening.

With the surge that came through of the energy grids, the mental energy field structure has gone through a complete shift. This means, with this shift the mental energy field had to necessarily expand up to 36 inches. Therefore, assuming, we now have between 36 to 48 inches; we have 12 inches to cover between now and 2008. In 2008, the mental body, more than any other energy field, will be going through a complete shift because we will have touched divine mental energy fields.

These particles the spur reaches, which is instantaneous, the particles are now coming to light. Earlier they were dull, there was no light, and yet there was a movement, which could be experienced, though not clearly seen or perceived. As soon as the spur touches them, they are coming to light and within this field there are now millions of tiny little lights.

This radiance is the agitation, and through this radiance the energies are being released. The energy release is surprising, as normally thought, is not in a straight line but the energy release is really a spiralling spring. As the energy is being released, the coil of the spring is getting longer and longer and from one, it is touching another and all the springs are opening up simultaneously.

And now within the energy structure there are millions of these tiny coiled springs that have opened up. They have literally less than hair's breadth; they are that fine. Now the filtering process is taking place and with the filtering down process taking place into the lower brain, the coils are retracting, the radiance is dimming and once again, the field is as it was earlier.


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