The First Surge

The new surge that we are receiving is going to be assimilated into all our bodies. Let us see what it really is going to be doing and how is it going to then function. Whether it happened for you on a particular day is irrelevant; it's going to take place sometime between now and the end 2008, for every single human being. it will happen in a way not as obvious or as apparent.

It will be an activation of the 5th dimension Crown Chakra. As soon as this gets activated, the higher chakric system, i.e. the chakric system starting from 12 and 18 inches above your Crown Chakra, now becomes your primary chakric system, and the chakras that are within our physical now become only tubes through which energy is going to flow in for physical purposes, and that was called the 'pranic tube'.

How will this surge affect all our bodies?

Let us first take the mental body. The mental body is an extremely fine body. It has a structure, which is particulate in nature. It has very tiny fine particles. We can call them 'particles' very fine particles of energy in this mental body. Although they are not visible to the naked eye. How do we know when one energy field the emotional body ends and another energy field that of the mental body begins.

If we had a microscope strong enough to actually see energy, we would see these energy fields as different patterns entirely, and they would be as clear in their differentiation. In this way, our mental and emotional bodies and our other subtle bodies can be completely differentiated. It just happens that we do not have the physical eye structure or the instruments required to see these energy fields.

Perhaps it would be easier to visualize these in your mind's eye. The energy field that we call the mental body is between 18 to 24 inches wide, and as we expand it can go up to 36 to 48 inches. When it goes into 48 inches or beyond it touches a completely different energy field, which we have called the Divine Mind or the Higher Mind Energy field.

With greater and greater expansion it will go to 36 and very few go beyond 48. Imagine within this band there are tiny, miniscule particles of energy floating around. They are not close together; in fact, these particles are very wide apart. For the sake of a physical or a visual association, one particle is very far apart to the other.

They need to be wide apart because each particle releases this energy, which we call the mental energy. Again, there no words to describe that energy; it is only a feeling; it is an experience. One cannot put this experience into words but it has its own texture, it has its own vibration, it has its own frequency. Each particle, therefore, releases this energy, which brings us to the obvious conclusion then that the particle held within the mental body is not the mental body but a conduit to release the energy of the mental body.

The release of energy between one particle and another
particle is actually what creates the mental energy field.


'Energetic Friction'


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