The Second Shift

The second shift is when you've decided it is real and you're going to do something about it. These major eight shifts of a Human's spiritual path...This shift is the intent of a Human Being to push open the door to the other side of the veil.

Many have, and it gets a little scary, doesn't it? We are doing something that is against the Reality that we have known all our Life! Our friends may not remain our friends, because this shift puts us in a launching place of knowledge. There is indeed a promise: "You're not in the dark and you're never alone." There are a legion of Angelic beings on the other side of that veil with your name on them, and when you push upon that door, in they will flow into your life. The first thing you're going to feel is peace about what you've done. You will feel that this is appropriate in feeling Love in your Life.



Each individual Being will do it differently. Some will meditate and say, I'm ready. Show me what to do. Some will search for books, looking for the steps of Ascension and find a system. Some will seek out knowledge so they will have a better idea what they're trying to do. All of those are appropriate actions. Each one needs what they need, depending upon their culture and their experience on Earth. The Universe is patient and it will never say "You're doing it wrong." If you want to climb a thousand steps on your knees to get to that place where you're ready, the angelic realm and the Masters will climb the steps with you. That's the love of of the Universe. There is no judgment. Perhaps you are the one to want the procedures and rituals. The angels will sit next to you as you do them.

There are some who will say, "Well, this doesn't answer anything. How can anything I do to get there is correct. Yes. Push upon that door any way you want. Take as much time as you choose. The result will be the same. In will flow with the first feelings of your Mastery. You won't know what to do with it, but you'll know it's real and and it is with you. You who has always been in the dark, with opening a door that has a bright light behind it. Some will wait, not wishing to discover anything at this time, and some will open it just a little bit to see what the light is about. Others, however, will fling the door wide open and say, " I'm ready. Let's go! Tell me what it is I need to know."

That's the second shift. Of all eight, this one is critical, for this one actually starts the process. Once this process has begun, it's tough to stop it. For it's impossible for the Human Being to un-know something, especially something as profound as this.

Once you've felt the love of the Source, once you've seen the myriad colors, can we really go back and turn it all off? Can we pretend that we never saw it? Can we pretend you never felt it? The answer is no. You know what happened.


Sometimes there's a very long gap between this second shift and the next one. That will depend upon you and how fast you wish to go. There is no judgment here. There are those who have timeline for completing. But, How are are you going to measure that? How do you know when it's finished? How do you know how far the door is open? Indeed it is very individual. There are facilitators whose entire purpose in life is to help you open the door. They are here to help you relax with the love of the Scorce , to balance you in the love of the Universe .


"Now I understand more about the mastery inside."

There are some who assist you in opening the door and understanding the light. This planet was not vibrating as it is now 25 years ago. The planet was not ready for it, we were not ready for it then. It was much more difficult to accomplish this understanding in the energy before the Harmonic Convergence. There were and are many teachings with this attribute... they are given to us as new information in a new energy of discovery.



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