The Shift and Transformation


We have a innate curiosity about Awareness. One wonders, "Is it really real"? This shift of awareness is where you fall in love with the Divine. Is there a bigger picture? What if I had a grander purpose in life? Could I take
a quantum leap? It's an important shift.

Of course 'It Is Real.' This is what's going on during this consciousness shift.
Many of us are deciding whether or not to take the hand of who's been with you for
entire life, your Higher-Self.

That is the first shift that takes place, and it's a big one.


These eight shifts are the major ones of a Human's spiritual path..... Many will just feel the energy. They'll believe it with all their heart, and they'll feel the love of The Divine surge through them. This would be all that they want. It's all they need.

Many want more, and ask, "What can I do to be closer to this "Wonderful Being" that I've discovered inside me? Is there something more, a mission that I am supposed to be doing on the planet? Is there a communication method with Spirit? And if so, where is it, and what do I do with it?



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