Ancient Wisdom

Lotus of the Heart.

Ancient Wisdom is about the Science of Prana. The great sage Patanjali was one of the ancient masters who came from Venus. In Lemuria he gave the knowledge of the yoga sutras.

Lemuria existed, perhaps two hundred thousand years ago. Maybe Patanjali gave this Universal wisdom in Pangea, which was before Atlantis and Lemuria. Over the centuries the great sages have given this knowledge of Creation to mankind.

We require an understanding of how nature works. To understand the nature of things. To understand Prana. All the Great Sages have said understand energy. Learn energy. We always asked Why? Because only through a thorough understanding of Prana will we learn how energy affects us and our energy field.

Will humanity endeavor? In this new and fast changing world of ours it is time that we paused and listened to this Ancient Wisdom. The cosmic force of Prana, the principles of Tantra, the Shako of the Universal Life Force and more of this precious knowledge is available to us.

How will man progress beyond the materialism, the struggle of living in the third dimensional world? How will he become adequately detached to take the quantum leap into the new age? A thousand years of Peace, Harmony and Progress. Pause listen and imbibe this Ancient Wisdom ................Shana



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