Chi Kung and Tai Chi ,Poetry in Motion

Many years ago, I had a major car crash. Although I came out of it unscathed, there were some internal injuries. The major being an eternal back ache . Someday with a bad posture I ached and the gnawing pain would not go away. No amount of physiotherapy helped, Yoga was out of question. Any small twist brought on excruciating pain, and to sit down on the floor was impossible. I had to find a solution. I started with Tai Chi. My teacher and guru Sandeep Desai was compassionate about the pain in my back, but he was confident that the pain would go.

I learnt the first twenty four exercises and I have not looked back. Now I can bend, sit on the floor, fly till I reach the sky. These beautiful gentle subtle exercises are what I would like to share with you . .......Shana

  Secrets in the Clouds
  The Wonderful flow of Chi
  Eating Six Energies
  Breathing, the foundation of Life
  Empty your Heart and Fill your Abdomen
  Acquiring a Shapely Figure
  Aquiring a Blooming Face
  Separating Water for A Shapely Figure
  Tai Chi -Poetry in Motion
  Intrinsic Chi Training in Taijiguan
  The Gentle Small Universe



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