The Gentle Small Universe

Your Taijiquan can be improved tremendously if you can attain the small universal chi flow, or the Small Universe. In the past attaining the Small Universe was regarded as a great achievement that called for a grand celebration.

There is a traditional Chi Kung saying that if you achieve the breakthrough of the Small Universe, you will eliminate hundreds of diseases; if you achieve the breakthrough of the Big Universe, you will live for a hundred nears. The attainment of the Small Universe is highly valued by martial artists, because it speeds up the development of internal force, and acts as a safety-valve to prevent internal injury caused by training wrongly.There are two approaches to the Small Universe: the forceful and the gentle.

You must be proficient at Abdominal Breathing, Submerged Breathing
and Long Breathing before attempting the Gentle Small Universe.

1. Stand in the Cosmos Stance, with your palms gently an your abdomen.

2. Start by practicing Abdominal Breathing, Submerged Breathing and Long Breathing about ten times each.

3. With the tip of your tongue touching your upper gum, gently breathe through your nose into your abdomen, visualizing that you are tapping wonderful cosmic energy from the universe and storing it at the energy field there. Your abdomen will rise as you breathe in.

4. Pause for a short while to feel the cosmic energy at your abdomen.

5. Breathe out gently through your mouth, with your tongue now touching your lower gum, where your lower teeth are set in your flesh, and visualizing your vital energy flowing from your qihai vital point (at the abdomen), to your huiyin (before the anus), across to changqiang (at the coccyx), up the spine to baihiui (at the crown of the head), down the front of your face and out of your mouth. Your abdomen will fall as you breathe out.

6. Pause for a short while after breathing out.

7. Repeat this breathing into the abdomen, and breathing out round the body and out of the mouth - thus completing the Small Universe - about twenty times. Gradually increase the number of times as you progress. Later, you can start the exercise with this gentle small universal breathing, without the need to perform the preliminary Abdominal Breathing, Submerged Breathing and Long Breathing.

8. Next, bring your feet together for Standing Meditation. Close your normal eyes, and open your third eye, which is situated just above the spot between your normal eyes. Just gently think of your third eye open. Then look inwardly, or figuratively, into your abdomen, and see (or imagine) a pearl of energy at the energy field there. Take a few minutes to enjoy the glow of this beautiful pearl subconsciously.

9. Visualize a stream of energy issuing from the pearl, and flowing along the path of the Small Universe. Subconsciously enjoy this small universal chi flow for a few minutes.

10. Then visualize the pearl of energy again. Feel its glow and warmth, and let its energy radiate to every cell in your body, bringing vitality and life.

11. Complete the exercise by warming your normal eyes before opening them, and massaging your face.


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