Acquiring a Blooming Face

Wanting to be beautiful is a woman's instinct.
Acquiring n Childlike Complexion


This makes you healthy but it can also be used as a beauty aid. Starting with the skin, since it covers some 20,000 square centimeters in an average adult, and is therefore the first thing people notice about us. If you give some time and effort to it will reward you with a blooming, childlike complexion.

Some of the defects that mar the beauty of our skin are acne, pimples, rashes, wrinkles, dryness and oiliness. The cause of these blemishes is that the skin fails to function properly; there is over-or underproduction of oils, and inadequate blood circulation to clear waste products and to bring nourishment to the skin tissues. The failure of the endocrine glands to produce the right proportions of hormones can also affect the skin.

Keeping a healthy and beautiful skin requires not just localized treatment, but a holistic approach, covering the whole body. Covering the skin with cream or powder merely hides skin defects. It is better to remove these defects, and then to use cosmetics, if needed, to enhance rather than hide the skin. Chi or vital energy flows at five progressive levels: skin, flesh, meridians, bones and internal organs. The skin is among the first to show the benefits of this practice. This is because when chi flows along the skin, it promotes better blood circulation, which cleanses the skin of waste products and brings vitality to its tissues.


Perform Lifting the Sky about twenty times, thinking of vital energy shimmering under your skin after each exercise as you pause to appreciate the tingling effect of the chi flow. 2, Do not be surprised if you feel as if there are insects crawling over your body. This is the effect of chi flowing in your skin.

If your body sways or moves about after this series of Lifting the Sky, enjoy the induced chi flow for about five minutes. Then proceed to Standing Meditation for another five minutes. If there is no swaying, skip the induced chi flow and proceed to Standing Meditation. Complete the program with Chi Kung face massage. Massaging or stimulating energy points is an important part of Chi Kung therapy. Unlike induced chi flow which is generally holistic, massaging energy points is a thematic approach, employing specific points for particular diseases. This technique is closely related to massage therapy, and similar to acupuncture.


  • Use your index or middle fingers to massage the jingming energy points located at the inner lower corners of your eyes a few times. The idea is to stimulate energy to flow.

  • Then massage the cuanzhu energy points found at the inner ends of the eyebrows. Stroke the eyebrows a few times with your fingers, moving from the inside out.

  • Then massage the meizhong energy points.

  • Move along the eyebrows to the outer ends and massage the sizhukong energy points.

  • Next massage the tongziliao energy points, then the chengqi energy points, and return to the jingming energy points, thus making a complete cycle round the eyes. Use the thumb and the middle or index finger to stroke the ridge of the nose from the top near the eye-brows downwards to its base a few times.

  • Then massage the yingxiang energy points.

  • Place your thumbs at the hollows behind the ears where you can feel the pulse at the neck, and massage the yifeng energy points.

  • Then use the broad bases of your thumbs (not the thumbs or fingers) to massage the taiyang energy points at the temples.
  • Next, using two or three fingers together and starting from the inner, lower corners, massage the rims round your eyes, starting with small circles, and making them bigger and bigger until you are massaging the whole face, then move up the head from front to back, and dawn the neck.
  • Finally, place both hands at the back of your neck so that the fingers are almost touching each other, and cup your ears with both palms . Place your index fingers on your middle fingers, and using the middle fingers as pivots, flick your index fingers down on to the back of your head, gently hitting the yuzhen and tianzhu energy points twenty-four times. Your ears should be firmly covered by your palms, and you will hear a sonorous `drom . . . drom' sound, described as Sounding the Heavenly Drum. This massage will give you a blooming face and sparkling eyes.
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