Acquiring a Shapely Figure

Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom

With a blooming face, sparkling eyes and a glowing complexion, the next step is to acquire a shapely figure. Vigorous exercises like aerobics and running arc not recommended, because they are demanding, they waste a lot of energy, Forcefully removing extra protein and carbohydrate by aggressive burning of energy is both unnatural and unhealthy. Dieting as a means of slimming is even worse. Besides denying you the pleasures of eating, dieting deprives the body of the necessary energy for work and play, and weakens various important body systems and functions.

A misconception that depriving ourselves of food will make us reduce . In fact, some fat people eat very little, yet remain fat; and some thin people eat a lot, yet remain thin. The problem lies with hormonal dysfunction. Fat people do not produce enough hormones to break down the food they eat into energy, whereas thin people break down their food too much, so that they do not have any excess to build up their mass.This is a case of yin yang disharmony.

Once the harmony is restored, the right amount of hormones will be produced to convert food into the right amount of flesh or energy. The amount of food you eat will be regulated by nature: if food is needed fuel or building blocks, complex reactions in the body will make you want to eat. If, out of desire rather than need, you eat too much your body will produce the necessary hormones to rectify this temporary excess.All its autonomous systems can function flawlessly only when chi, which feeds all its parts with the right information, is flowing harmoniously.


From Fat to Shapely


Lie flat on your bed or the floor with your arms at your sides. Raise both feet about six inches, and certainly no more than two feet from the floor. Point your toes.

With your feet together and your knees straight, draw a small circle in the air with your pointed toes. It does not matter whether you move in a clockwise or an anticlockwise direction. But you must move your feet very slowly - not less than half a minute for each circle. If you can continue, draw more circles in the same direction. If not, gently drop your feet and rest for a few seconds. Then repeat the procedure the same number of times in the opposite direction. Remember that you must draw the circle in the air very slowly-it must not take less than half a minute. Rest for a short while and repeat the whole procedure - drawing the circle very slowly the same number of times on both sides.

This is called Drawing the Moon, and that is all there is to it. The technique is bafflingly simple. The secret, though, is that one must practice regularly and consistently morning and night. A good arrangement is to perform this exercise just before you get up in the morning, and just before you go to sleep at night. Gradually, as you become more proficient, increase the number of times you draw the circle. By the time you can do ten circles each way, you will have to change your wardrobe!

After Drawing the Moon in the morning, get up and perform Lifting the Sky. For the night session, you can do Lifting the Sky first so that you can go to bed after Drawing the Moon. Practice this combination for at least three months, or until your `bulge' has disappeared considerably, before you add the two exercises that follow.

Acquiring a Blooming Face


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